Student | Solo Project

Student | Solo Project

Project created as part of school studies by a single student (not including sound design or music composition)

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Student | Solo Project
  • Bugged

    A newly explored place where bugs can be bugs.

    We decided to explore/capture tangible materials and claymation references which were then translated in 3D. We started with sculpting clay figures and taking special note of how lighting and imperfections were beautifully apparent. The gentle mix...

  • The Journey to Blend

    Mock intro for Blend Fest! I originally envisioned a lighthearted, character driven-piece that told the story of a few friends on their way to Vancouver. The friends are seen dropping everything for the one party they love the most: Blend.

    Blend Fest is an inclusive event that celebrates all th...

  • Ninety Nine Days

    "You have to lost yourself before you find anything."
    A short film about finding myself and embracing the chaos in different environment.



    Animation & Illustration:

    Music & Sound Production:
    WinSound Studio

    Original Music:
    Hsiao-Chin Lin, Szu-Yu Lin
    Sound Desig...

  • The Danish Chair

    Consisting of three animated videos, The Danish Chair is an educational project that explores mid-20th-century Danish design through chairs.

    First, discover Danish Modern - a broad style of designed objects that brought international fame to Danish designers. Then, get to know designers Hans J...

  • Creativity

    This was a project created for my Motion Media Concepts class at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where we were instructed to create an infographic about any topic we'd like. I had always been interested in the phenomenon of creativity and it's relationship with other mysterious concepts l...