Interactive / Experiential | Installation / Experiential

Interactive / Experiential | Installation / Experiential

Motion design for an installation, projection or location-based experience (not necessarily interactive)

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Interactive / Experiential | Installation / Experiential
  • Hobbes x Firefly Drone Shows

    In 2019, Firefly Drone Shows approached Hobbes about animating their ever growing fleet of drones. Hobbes took it as a challenge to go beyond the original task and create a system that was smart enough to choreograph new and complex formations dynamically and safely while abiding by FAA regulatio...

  • Frequency Mind: Human Connection Experience

    FREQUENCY is a space to practice emotional well-being, to expand consciousness and reconnect to shared humanity. FREQUENCY's *Human Connection* experience reminds us what it is to be human. The voice of Dr. Megan Poe, NYU's Professor of Love, leads the group through a series of short but potent g...

  • The Canopy at 900N

    Leviathan closely collaborated with 900 North Michigan Shops in Chicago to engage visitors with a massive 190-foot LED digital art installation on its atrium ceiling. The Canopy, as it's known, is the digital centerpiece of a larger reinvention of this iconic retail destination. Visible from the ...