Interactive / Experiential | AR / VR

Interactive / Experiential | AR / VR

Motion design in the context of a virtual reality or augmented reality experience

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Interactive / Experiential | AR / VR
  • Beyond Earth: A VR Experience

    Fifty years after the first moon landing, CNN VR takes you on an animated journey across time and space to explore what's next for humans in space. From space tourism to Martian colonies, these are tomorrow's moonshots.


    Executive Producer:
    Jason Farkas

    Bronte Lord


  • Teòra

    Teòra is a VR multiplayer experience to explore the limits of perception that challenge our minds and fear is an instinct that tells our body how to react.
    Using duality Teòra's world is forged -ì every aspect has a counterpart and although this limitation separates the poles, it is necessary to ...