Infographics | Commercial

Infographics | Commercial

Explanatory or educational video promoting a product or service

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Infographics | Commercial
  • School of Motion Manifesto

    We commissioned Ordinary Folk to produce this piece, and were so thrilled with how it came out that we wanted to enter it into the Motion Awards! The team over there deserves a trophy, they're brilliant.


    Creative Direction:
    Jorge R. Canedo E.

    Stefan Green


  • Webflow - Ecommerce

    Let's be honest, everything happens online these days - including shopping. So when Webflow told us they were creating a fully customizable ecommence builder that gives you the best of both worlds - the user-friendly ease of drag-and-drop templates, and the power of complex code - we jumped on th...

  • PFIZER - The Stories of Chronic Pain Patients

    Pain is physical, of course, but it has many other dimensions, including emotional and systemic.

    Narrated by chronic pain patients themselves, the animations convey the stories in three different aspects of difficulties that patients face with simple, dynamic, and alive hand-drawn graphics.


  • Socati

    Socati's team of scientists and innovators built a proprietary extraction method that delivers hemp ingredients rich in cannabinoids with the lowest possible levels of THC; enabling them to serve the needs of large companies seeking high-quality raw materials. Socati turned to dash to create an i...