Events | Event Title Sequence

Events | Event Title Sequence

Title sequence for a live event (e.g. conference, festival, summit)

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Events | Event Title Sequence
  • FEFF Title Sequence

    RAI involved us in the creation of the title sequence for Udine Far East Film Festival, the most important European event dedicated to popular Asian cinema. With the main goal to explore every various aspect of the Asian culture, we brought together lethal ninjas, fast-paced cars and gangsters sh...

  • Anymotion Festival 2019 Opening Titles

    This animation was made for Anymotion, the biggest motion graphics event in Latin America. It happened at São Paulo, Brazil last November, and gathered professionals from all kinds of technical and cultural backgrounds.

    We wanted to value the professionals of the area by showcasing them as hero...

  • Ciclope Festival 2019 - Open Show

    The 80's and the 90's might be remembered as the nostalgic quote unquote simpler time of Super Nintendo, b-ball and fresh kicks, but in fact, they were oh so much more.

    When we think about it, it's those iconic generations that brought us to our current artistic and creative market, one of appl...

  • The Design Conference 2019 Titles

    Opening titles for The Design Conference 2019, Brisbane's premier design and arts culture event, showcasing three days of world-class talks, breakouts and celebrations


    Directed by:
    Ricky Marks & Jasper St Aubyn West

    Design & animation by:
    Ricky Marks, Jasper St Aubyn West, Amy Wheel...