Documentary | Title Sequence

Documentary | Title Sequence

A title sequence within a documentary film.

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Documentary | Title Sequence
  • Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

    After stepping down as CEO of Microsoft, Gates began what is undeniably one of the greatest professional second acts in modern history when he shifted his time and considerable intellect toward solving some of the world's most persistent problems. The series, in-depth and unfiltered in its depict...

  • Unnatural Selection Main Titles

    The Netflix Original: Unnatural Selection explores many aspects of humanity's new found ability to edit the genome of any living organism. The documentary series explores the human side; seeking cures for genetic diseases and viruses, and then dives into our potential to manipulate Mother Nature,...

  • Vice Investigates on Hulu

    VICE Investigates is a documentary series that takes a deep dive into topics overlooked by cable news. This series featured episodes about hip-hop in Russia, fires in the Amazon, tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and the rise and fall of K-pop stars. The creative team forwent using a standa...